The open loose leaf spread planting car of the green seed

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The open loose leaf spread planting car of the green seed

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To be physically till the vegetables can be difficult, but the daily shower flower pot without any difficulty, and relaxation can practice green living.Youth centres promoting “mobile plant” parade area, through the pot planting seedlings, plant tour and experience sharing, live in the concrete jungle of the city to kiss mother nature, closer relationship between man and nature and environmental concepts in the community “open loose leaf”.

The opportunity to practice green living on the side, the warehouse teenage Center “mobile plant” gardening workshops organized since last July, teaches basic cultivation knowledge for participants to try to respect of, move pots and plants.Owner Cai Henghui surveyed Jack surveyed the activity in the hope that the participants can be made from plant life, understand the value of the importance of natural resources, and a better understanding the environmental practices of daily life, “urban little contact with nature, expectations can be done through workshops, they keep up a life education class.」

“Mobile plant itself, is already the best demonstration of recycling.”Planting car is responsible for the design of woodworking artist Weng Zhijian pointed out that plant to recycle wood, scrap metal and other materials assembled from, the car has a number of tables and booths, and can put a lot of potted plants and gardening tools.Explaining the design concept and the upgrading of waste recovery and recycling and other environmentally friendly concept is closely related to reflect “best use” of civil intelligence.

Workshop plant guide links, zero touch and for participants to observe plants, planted seedlings can also be taken home.Florists Chris believes that participants can, through understanding around the plants, and close relationship with nature, “common plants such as grass, mint, listening to hear much, but you can actually see, touch, definitely is a completely different experience.”Jack and Chris to provide kinds of potted tip reminded potted plants such as Mint and vanilla than” rough “, but you still need timely watering, pruning and exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise it will affect the health of plants, even his death.

Gardening workshop welcomed by residents, even the children involved, after Jack and Chris made the teachings, the successful completion of steps such as moving pots and plants, successful seedling to take home.There’s a 3 year old son said, and workshops to deepen children’s understanding of plants and nature, “many children even the leaves of the plant are not met, want there to be another of those activities took him to see!」

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