Pui o land dumping of wastes from environmental groups for a judicial review of license

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Pui o land dumping of wastes from environmental groups for a judicial review of license

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Environmental groups "disappointing action" Qian President Christian Jose Lucien Masset earlier discontent environmental Department Director Yu two years ago September and the last year February, two degrees issued know will approved Bell o 4 a lots of owners, in its name land Shang dumping building waste, so into intrinsic High Court application judicial review license, judge this batch out license, but refused to batch out temporary prohibition makes to block dumping waste, case will row period official trial.

DEP party ended today in court, 16th b, c under the waste disposal Ordinance, the Director of environmental protection may issue approval to land owners for its dumping of construction waste in land, without any environmental factors need to be considered, because there are other regulations dealing with environmental issues.Applicant party shall refer to, 16th under the waste disposal Ordinance stipulates that the owners will be required to obtain a licence issued by the Director of environmental protection can only be dumping at the site, but the owners did not obtain a licence in the event.DEP party retort that 16th article does not pass legislation in the waste disposal Ordinance, Ordinance empowers the Director the power to issue notification, the administrator has no right to intervene.

Judges review leave immediately after listening to the submissions on both sides, but refused the request of an applicant granted a temporary injunction, the case will be scheduled for trial, period for the parties to submit further evidence.

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