Of the recycling firecracker green and happy

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Of the recycling firecracker green and happy

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Lunar New year occasion adornment and decoration supplies, don't have to pay to buy out Oh!20th make up Chiaohsi rural district office staff using discarded bottles of Fou Fou, into various sizes of ingenuity to play firecrackers jewelry, red envelope bags made with a variety of drawings, jinliang color red plus, emits happy years in the local government, contact the people feeling the new year is coming.

Make up Chiaohsi rural district office staff Chen Shuhua, usually like to create crafts, taking advantage of the lunar new year a few days before, manual DIY courses at city halls on the second floor meeting room guide Associates hands-on and brains, pottery tea jar, milk powder and other recycled resources, make an occasional "firecracker" decorations, environmentally friendly and save money.

Chen Shuhua special sister of her countrymen far from Taichung to help guiding Office staff making red bag, and using fruits such as grapefruit, Orange, orange seeds, made festive potted plants, process simple, likable and Geely.

Mayor Lin Xizhong appeals to everyone, common to a lot of brains, imagination and creativity, takes a little ingenuity to what was supposed to be dropped into useful and beautiful decorations, can serve several purposes.

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